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How is the Oxygen Used for Medical Purposes Production?

The medical oxygen supply mode in the oxygen supply station can be one or a combination of medical oxygen generator, liquid oxygen storage tank and vaporizer, etc.
The central oxygen supply system is composed of air source, control device, oxygen supply pipeline, oxygen consumption terminal and alarm device.
The centralized oxygen supply system concentrates the oxygen source in one place. After decompression, the high-pressure oxygen of the source is transmitted to each gas consumption terminal through the pipeline. Each gas consumption terminal is equipped with a quick plug-in sealed socket, and the gas can be supplied by inserting the gas consumption equipment (oxygen humidifier, ventilator, etc.).
To use microbulk tank as the medical oxygen supply system in hospital, it will be much more convenient for operation, and easy installation. Victank Microbulk tank has a large range capacity 1000L, 2000L, 3000L and 5000L, which can serve different size of health care center, from clinic to hospital.