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How long can we stay underwater with an oxygen tank

The length of time under water is determined by the capacity of the oxygen cylinder and the amount of gas used.

Diving time=[cylinder volume (liter)*(inflation pressure-signal valve indication pressure)]/[atmospheric air consumption per minute*(1+0.1*diving depth)*0.098].

For example, if you plan to dive 20 meters, fill the cylinder with 200Bar pressure, and start to ascend at 50Bar, the diving time from launching to the beginning of the ascent should be: 12x(200-50)/(3×30)=20 min.

However, the actual diving time is longer than 20 minutes. This formula does not take into account the effect of changes in the depth, which means that it is not always 20 meters. In addition, the air consumption of 30L/min is a maximum estimated insurance value.、

Extended information:

When the oxygen cylinder oxygen tank exerts pressure on the air in the closed container, the volume of the air is compressed, increasing the internal pressure. When the external force is withdrawn, the air will return to its original volume under the action of the internal pressure.

If there is a movable object in the container, when the air returns to its original volume, the object will be pushed out by the pressure of the air in the container. This principle is widely used in production and life.

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