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How to Fill a Liquid Oxygen Tank?

1.How to fill a liquid oxygen tank?
Take the following suggestions to filling the microbulk tank is the best choice:
1)Choose the filling hose as short as possible. Long and no insulation filling hose can create a lot of filling lose and extend the filling time.
2)If liquid can be trapped in the transfer pipeline between the two global valves, a suitable relief valve must be installed to prevent over pressurization.
3)To minimize the filling operation time
Visual check the microbulk tank before filling to see if there is damage, cleaning enough and meets the conditions for the operation of the gas. If damage is found (such as severe sunken, joint loose, etc.) should be fixed soon.
All microbulk tanks are sold with low purity nitrogen gas to prevent water vapor into the microbulk tank. Therefore, before the first filling, the microbulk tank should be purged completely by the appropriate gas.

Filling can be accomplished by either pressure transfer or pump filling.

2.Can I get both gas and liquid from a microbulk tank?
When microbulk tank supply the gas, the normal operating pressure range should be jointly controlled by the pressure building valve and check valve with the economic function.
The microbulk tank mainly used to provide the gas through the gas usage valve, a regulator must be added after obtaining the necessary gas use pressure.
When the microbulk tank pressure is lower than the setting value of the pressure building valve, the pressure building valve will be opened, the liquid from the bottom of the microbulk tank flow into pressure building vaporizer. Liquid change to the gas, then continuing press into vaporizer, the gas is heated again. Portion of gas pass through the check valve, enter into vapor space on top of microbulk tank, the microbulk tank pressure increase; portion of the gas pass through the gas used valve to provide gas use.
When the microbulk tank pressure is higher than the setting value of the pressure building valve, the pressure building valve will be closed. The gas from the top of the microbulk tank flow into vaporizer through the check valve, the gas is heated and pass through the gas used valve. The pressure in microbulk tank will gradually reduce.
If the microbulk tank is used to provide liquid for long-term, it is recommended to connect to the vacuum insulated pipe (VIP). VIP can effectively withdrawal the liquid to the end use point; the reduced the liquid vaporing.
Normally the liquid transferring is operated at a low-pressure level (0.15Mpa) to reduce the flash loss and liquid splashing. There hence the pressure building ball valve is normally closed. Liquid transferring in the high pressure may cause the over splashing and personal injury. Before making a liquid transferring, everybody must to wear the protecting clothing and fully complied with and the protective measure.