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What is the Percentage of Oxygen in Medical Oxygen?

For the oxygen content of medical oxygen, in order to meet the hospital’s prevention and treatment of hypoxia, how much can meet the medical requirements? For a long time, there is no exact statement and regulation.
China has compiled several editions of Chinese Pharmacopoeia, which stipulates that the content of O2 in medical oxygen shall not be less than 99% (ml / M1).
In order to prevent oxygen poisoning caused by inhalation of “pure oxygen” in the process of rescue and treatment, the oxygen content adjustment range of all respirators and anesthesia machines is set within the range of 2l-90%. This regulation shows that as long as the oxygen content of medical oxygen is ≥ 90%, the needs of rescue and treatment of patients by respirators and anesthesia machines can be met.
Microbulk tank is widely used for medical oxygen storage for hospital projects. It can ensure the liquid oxygen purity. Both the inner vessel and outer vessel of Victank microbulk tank is stainless steel, not only good for LOX storage and also less maintenance.