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Why Micro-bulk is a Cost-effective Alternative?

Microbulk is a complete gas supply and management solution that enables users of all sizes to enjoy the cost and efficiency benefits of switching to liquid gas from high pressure gas cylinders, saving cost, lower charge loss, Less operation and maintenance.

Microbulk is the newest advance in gas supply technology, gone are the days of wrestling with high pressure cylinders and heavy liquid cylinders.

Victank Microbulk provides all the benefits of a bulk system, such as uninterrupted gas supply, in an economical package that suits gas needs and grows with business.

Reduces product usage up to 40%;
Reduces cylinder handling costs;
Reduces maintenance cost;

Eliminates floor damage and frees up work and storage space.
Less cylinder handling means to use labor force more productively.
On average, Microbulk customers see a 20% reduction in their liquid costs.